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AmusedSync is the Smart, Cheapest, RESTful and Easier than ever syncing application to Share and Sync any files - documents, music, photos, and video or folders across the workplaces, Collaborate by keeping all shared files up to date in real time for teams, handle automatically version control and backing up objects to the cloud. Through AmusedSync, your most important data is always backed up and available to you - regardless of your location or device and no limitation for storage space... Read More


PC-Backup™ is a Revolutionary Backup Solution from AmusedCloud with very affordable cost to back up all of your computers to the cloud automatically. It uses thin client application and AmusedCloud’s own storage space to back up all your computer’s files continuously. PC- Backup™ - A Secure, Reliable, Fully Automated, Easy to restore, Share, and Sync coupled with Infinite Storage space. It just simply saves time and effort with very low cost storage... Read More

Custom Storage Services

Customized Storage Services by AmusedCloud is dedicated design to meet the unique needs of clients and customers to create and/or coordinate the fastest, most secure, reliable, and most cost-effective storage solutions for each their storage needs. It consists of Maintenance, Implementation, and Optimization services that meet the full potential of storage solutions... Read More
Sure enough within a matter of hours, We had access to all our files, folders and important documents, the best thing about this service is - It Just Works!
- Mr.Senthilmurugan,Technical Lead.
Ranases Technology
We needed a scalable storage platform which would serve our requests 24x7 within a fraction of seconds. AmusedCloud offered us enterprise grade cloud storage which provided us scalable capacities on-demand with 100% uptime!
- Mr.Ravikumar, Proprietor.
Infiniti Technologies
A Buddy referred me to AmusedCloud. We never really have the time to back up our files so it's great to have a service to do it for us with their customized storage service for people like us. Hence, AmusedCloud is no doubt an awesome technology!
- Mr.Sathiyan Shanmugam,Director
Varuonn India Private limited
Blackgold Innovations Private Limited has been our technology partner since 2010. We started to work with them for providing IT services to foreign clients. They Introduced AmusedCloud from India, for Domestic market with their range of services.
- Mr.Devaraj,Business Development Head
Elicit Designz Solutions